Home Accessibility Team Specialists™ (HATS™)

(Program released Spring 2018)
It takes a complete team of professionals to provide accessibility, comfort and safety in all homes. Many professionals work directly in the home or provide short-duration services but are not responsible for the entire project. These unique professionals are the Home Accessibility Team Specialist™ (HATS™).
Certified Living In Place Professionals™ (CLIPP™) are responsible for the entire project. When HATS experts partner with CLIPP professionals, the team is complete. Then together they bring accessibility, comfort and safety every day to all clients.

Who are Home Accessibility Team Professionals?

HATS members include all tradespersons: electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tile setters, painters, handypersons and others who work directly in the home, and experts who provide specific, short-duration services, such as real estate agents, structural engineers, finance agents, product suppliers and similar professionals.

Benefits of Joining HATS
  1. HATS allows these experts an opportunity to be part of the solution and make a true and lasting difference in the lives of many individuals, their families and loved ones.
  2. HATS is an industry recognition of excellence. This elite group of trained professionals bring increased understanding and knowledge, plus a higher value to all their clients and to the entire industry.
  3. HATS professionals increase work opportunities through partnering with CLIPP professionals.
  4. HATS professionals are invaluable to all designers and contractors who recommend or directly contract trades and services for their clients.
  5. HATS professionals can be found directly by consumers through the Living In Place Institute website. They can post their name, specialty, qualifications, company and contact information on the “Find a Professional” page.
  6. HATS professionals have access to the, “Members Only” section of the Living In Place Institute website.
    1. Exclusive chat room for HATS and CLIPP graduates.
    2. Access to continuing and current educational information.
    3. Access to logos and other marketing materials.

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