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Falls occurring at home are the leading cause of hospitalization among older adults!

A year after fracturing a hip, 90% of those who needed no assistance before are unable to climb 5 steps!

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Why Use CLIPP™?

CLIPP™ stands for Certified Living In Place Professional.
Learn why homeowners across the country look for CLIPPs to help them make their homes accessible, comfortable and safe.

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Become Certified

Learn how to create interprofessinal networks of experts collaborating to make all homes accessible, comfortable and safe through the Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP™) training program.

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Special Grand Opening Event!
September 22 - National Fall Awareness Day
Buffalo Grove, Illinois (Chicago Area)

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Remodel Direct is a national remodeling company with a local reach. Whether your home needs a single alteration or a complete overhaul, Remodel Direct will ensure that your needs are met and your home is beautiful, safe, and livable.

We remodel homes for all stages of life, from traditional remodeling, to restyling, to preparing your home for life. We understand the unique needs of an aging population and their homes. Our trained representatives offer personalized solutions unique to your home. Remodel Direct™ is your one-stop solution for all remodeling needs – we bring the showroom to your home with a free, no obligation in-home assessment!  Contact a representative today to make your home unique. 

Remodel Direct is proud to be a member of the Certified Living In Place Professional network of industry experts.

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