CLIPP™ Freqently Asked Questions

How is CLIPP different from all other programs? ››

Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) goes beyond all other programs.
CLIPP is not a limited-market approach to helping those who are aging.

  • A total-market, business approach to accessibility, comfort and safety in all homes.
  • Encompasses and anticipates needs for all ages and individuals. 
  • Teaches how to proactively establish and continue business relationships with clients, their families and friends.
  • Consumer and industry seminars available for CLIPP graduates.
  • Manual updated between every class with up-to-date information.
  • Private on-line discussion forum.
  • All volunteer Advisory Board, Medical Board and Ambassadors Program 
  • Broad CEU approval of industry associations: National Kitchen & Bath Association, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, American Society of Interior Designers, International Interior Design Association, Interior Designers of Canada, American Occupational Therapy Association, American Society of Interior Designers. Others pending.
  • Recognized by world manufacturers: TOTO, Miele, Monogram, Pella, Hafele, Ferguson, Sub Zero/Wolf, Quick Drain, others.
  • Independent national program, not owned by an association or manufacturer.
  • Industry discounts: Early Bird, Help-A-Friend, Education Partners, Students and Educators, Government employees. 
  • Living In Place speakers are invited and approved presenters at national, state conferences and industry events: National Kitchen & Bath Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, American Society of INterior Designers, American Society of Home Inspectors, Universal Design Summit 2107, Certified Senior Advisors-Voices In Aging 2017 and others.
  • National webinar producers and presenters: National Kitchen & Bath Association and National Association of the Remodeling Industry. 
  • Invited at special feature events at trade show booths: KBIS - TOTO and Monogram (others pending)
  • Specific continuing education for CLIPP graduates.
  • Unique and comprehensive electronic home evaluation checklist available only to CLIPP graduates.
  • CLIPP graduates comprise 13% of the Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine’s 50 Top Innovators 2017 in the kitchen and bath industry.
  • The Living In Place Institute is published in Kitchen + Bath Business, Kitchen & Bath Design News, Remodeling, Qualified Remodeler, OT Practice and the NKBA magazines.
  • CLIPP is the next logical step beyond Universal Design and Aging in Place, the first “How To” Manual for professionals.
  • Living In Place Institute co-founders have individually served as subject matter experts, legal expert witness, judge in the Hanley Wood remodeling Design Awards and other competitions, and currently as member of Kitchen + Bath Business Magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board.
  • Living In Place Institute Co-Founders have served in numerous association leadership roles are recipients of numerous local, state and national awards and together hold numerous recognized credentials.

Is CLIPP approved for CEUs? ››


  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
  • American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) 1.6 CEU (2017 pending)
  • National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) 1.6 CEU (2016-2017)
  • American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 1.6 CEU (through Feb 2017 - 2017 pending)
  • International Interior Design Association (IIDA) 1.6 CEU (through Feb 2017 - 2017 pending)
  • Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) 1.6 CEU (through Feb 2017 - 2017 pending)
  • National Society of Home Inspectors  (ASHI) Certified Living In Place professional course is approved for 16 of ASHI® Continuing Education Credits
  • Approved for self-reporting by the American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • Approved for self-reporting by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • May be approved for self-reporting by others

What are the requirements for CLIPP certification and use of HASAC? ››
Click Here for a chart showing requirements


The Living In Place Institute is rigorous in qualifying professional candidates for certification and maintaining certification. Click HERE for a chart of the requirements to be certified and use the home assessment app tool.

For a comparison of the CLIPP Certification program versus other professional certification programs, click HERE.

All CLIPP certified professionals are required to meet specific requirements before taking the course and are required to adhere to specific requirements to maintain their certification.

Candidate Profile
A working professional who recommends, specifies, installs or sells home design and products.
Is licensed and/or certified as required in their respective state, county or municipality in their respective profession, for the duration of their certification, with copies submitted to the Living In Place Institute every time these are renewed.

Holds necessary insurance for their profession for the duration of their CLIPP Certification, including:

- General Liability Insurance - For individuals who install or oversee subcontractors who install goods.
- Workers Compensation Insurance - As required by their state, county or municipality, or can supply documentation that the principals of the company have chosen to waive this policy for themselves (but not for their workers).
- All insurance policies are to have the Living In Place Institute named as an additional insured entity. If there is any cost associated with this, it is the responsibility of the Candidate.

Contractors Experience & Background

- Contractors must have a minimum 5 years of verifiable work and/or academic experience.
- Reference letters from at least 5 clients they have worked for within the last 2 years and at least 3 trade reference from the last year.
- Pass a background check.

To be awarded the CLIPP program certification all candidates must:

1. Fully attend all class sessions and meet the above Candidate Profile requirements.

2. Pass a written exam that tests competency in the broad field of Living In Place™.

Code of Ethics
1. Hold paramount the welfare of persons you serve professionally.
2. Practice only in your area(s) of competence and maintain high standards.
3. Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.
4. Do not engage in any conduct that constitutes a conflict of interest or that adversely reflects on the Living In Place Institute.
5. Broadly expand one’s professional practice.
6. Seek deserved and reasonable compensation for their services.
7. Inform and educate the public on Living In Place practices and systems.
8. Issue public statements in an objective and truthful manner.
9. Comply with the laws and policies that guide professional practice.

When is the next CLIPP class? ››
Click Here to see calendar

After the class, when am I certified? ››
Your test will be graded at the end of the class. If you pass and have met any other requirements, you will immediately receive your certification.

Who can become CLIPP? ››
Professionals who desire to help make all homes accessible, comfortable and safe… for everyone!

What is the renewal process? ››
The cost for renewal is $85 and is non-refundable.
Contractors-only, renewal is $185 which includes the renewal fee and background check.

You will receive an invoice on about your 11 month anniversary. You may pay this online.

How much does CLIPP training cost? ››

Full course fee is $999. There may be savings for members of trade associations. There may be Scholarship Funds available. 

There is usually a $50 Early Bird Special for registrations four weeks prior to course date, and a "Help a Friend" discount of $50 when two persons register on the same day and include each other's names on the registration form.

Renewal is required at $85 per year. See, "What is the renewal process" in the FAQ section.

​All costs are subject to change.

CLIPP graduates ONLY who are performing installation tasks in homes are required to fullfill additional requirements, including reference letters, proof of experience, insurance and a background check.

All costs are subject to change.

What is the cost for Educators and Students? ››

Educators of Design, Occupational Therapy and Physial Therapy at accredited learning institutions: $499. Educators will receive full CLIPP certification. When registering, use promo code EDUCATOR to receive your special fee.

Students at Design, Occupational Therapy and Physial Therapy accredited learning institutions $399. Options:

(1) Attend CLIPP Training as part of their regular educational curriculum at no additional cost. If this program is not currently part of your regular curriculum, ask your administrators to contact us to bring the training into your school.

(2) Student Fee is $399 for a Student-CLIPP certification. After graduation, students are required to attend  a second CLIPP class and pay the difference from the prevailing rate and their Student fee to become fully CLIPP certifierd. They are not required to pay the annual re-certification fee until the one-year anniversary of the second class. Student-CLIPPs will not have access to use of the Home Accessibility and Safety Assessment Checklist (HASAC) outside of their regular school cirriculum.

​All costs are subject to change.

How long does it take to complete CLIPP training? ››
CLIPP™ training takes only two consecutive days.

What are the hours of the training sessions? ››
Most classes are from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Some locations may vary, see registration announcement for each class.

To receive the certification and CEUs (if applicable), you need to be present the entire duration of the classes and meet all requirements.

What are the CEU requirements ››

Each approved CLIPP professional is required to renew annually. A total of 10 CEU hours every two years is required.

All CLIPP graduates must maintain the appropriate insurance policy/policies.


One-hour engagement = one CEU credit

A total of 10 CEU credits are required every 2-year period based on your Certified Living In Place Professional™ anniversary date.

There is an annual fee for recertification. Plese see, "What are the CEU requirements" in the FAQ section.

CEU Qualifications

All 10 CEUs can be received through any program CEU-approved by the following organizations, including on-demand, webinar or in-person:

  • NKBA
  • NAHB
  • ASID
  • ASHI
  • AIA
  • NARI
  • IIDA
  • IDC
  • NAR
  • AOTA
  • APTA
  • Others pre-approved by the Living In Place Institute

Other CEU Approved Opportunities Directed to Professionals

  1. Present a one-hour Business to Business seminar about Living In Place related topics
    1. 2 CEUs for preparation and presentation – first presentation only
    2. 1 CEU for each successive seminar
    3. Seminar must be pre-approved by the Living In Place Institute, LLC or use presentations provided by the Living In Place Institute.
  2. Publish an article in a trade publication specifically about Living In Place and/or Certified Living In Place Professional program
    1. 1 CEU credit
    2. Article must be pre-approved the Living In Place Institute, LLC prior to publication
  3. Submitting Press Releases after becoming CLIPP certified
    1. 1 CEU
    2. Can use Living In Place Institute templates
    3. Suggested places – Newspapers, Business Journals, Trade Publications, Magazines, etc.
    4. If published, submit to the Living In Place Institute
  4. Contest Award Submission in a Living In Place category (or similar term)
    1. 2 CEUs for each entry submitted
    2. 1 additional CEU for each award granted
  5. Volunteering at Certified Living In Place Professional Training Events
    1. 1 CEU per day
  6. Conducting the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Cognitive Issues on Aging section during a CLIPP course
    1. 5 CEUs
    2. Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists or Physicians Only
    3. Must be pre-approved by the Living In Place Institute, LLC.

Other CEU Approved Opportunities Directed to Consumers

  1. Presenting a Living In Place Institute 1-hour seminar
    1. 2 CEUs for preparation and presentation – first presentation only
    2. 1 CEU for each successive seminar
    3. Seminar must be pre-approved by the Living In Place Institute, LLC or use presentations provided by the Living In Place Institute.
  2. Publishing an article in consumer-directed publications with Living In Place mentioned
    1. 1 CEU per article
    2. If published, submit to the Living In Place Institute

CEU Reporting:

CEU Self-Reporting Form is available to download from the FAQ page on the Living In Place Institute website.

Why do I need to pass a background check? ››
To help protect the security of homeowners, each Remodeling/Home Modification Professional is required to successfully undergo a background investigation prior to training. Additionally, these CLIPP professionals will undergo an annual background investigation each year thereafter. To help ensure all personnel working in a home are free of security risk, each CLIPP professional is strongly encouraged to conduct a background check on their employees, as allowed by law, as well as encourage their subcontractors to do the same.

Why do I need references? ››
We assess Construction Professional CLIPP candidates as to what their past clients think of them. We provide you with a questionnaire to give to at least 5 past clients and 3 trade references. The questionnaire will include questions about your work performance, how you manage projects, if they would recommend you to a friend, etc. Each of these referenced clients will send their reviews directly to the Living In Place Institute and we will contact a sampling of these clients to verify the information.

How do I bring CLIPP training in my area? ››
Please contact us about other dates and locations. We can bring CLIPP training to your community, anywhere in the US. Call us at 888-467-3220 or  info@LivingInPlaceInstitute. 

How do I apply to become CLIPP? ››

Check out the Class Schedule for 2016.

Are the events ADA Compliant? ››
he Living In Place Institute strives to accommodate all individuals in our Seminars and Activities. As such, we will comply with all requests, including: i. Walker & wheelchair accessibility to all events, including wheelchair ramps, automatically opening doors, wheelchair accessible restrooms, etc. ii. Accommodations for individuals with vision impairments, including large print handouts and computer monitors used by vision impaired individuals. iii. Accommodations for individuals with hearing impairments, including closed captioned videos, special handouts for the class, etc. iv. Accommodating individual’s food needs, including special dietary and allergy requirements. For registration materials for our Seminars and Events, individuals with special needs are required to communicate with the Living In Place Institute at least 3 weeks prior to an event or online course (e.g., webinar, etc.) to allow the Living In Place Institute adequate time to accommodate any

What is the Attendee course cancellation policy? ››

Certification Course Customer Refunds and Course Registration Transfers

a.     At least 20 business days prior to scheduled course and re-register for a different course - 33% charge per Registrant and remaining 67% credit will be applied to a future Course. 

b.     At least 20 business days prior to scheduled course and transfer registration to another person - 100% of the fees are transferrable. The new Registrant is required to complete the on-line registration process and they are required to agree to all course terms.

c.     20 to 3 business days prior to scheduled course and re-register for a different course. 50% charge per Registrant and remaining 50% credit will be applied to a future Course.

d.     3 or less business days prior to scheduled course and re-register for a different course - 40% credit will be applied to a future Course.

e.     Medical - With a licensed physician's  letter stating that the Registrant can or did not attend due to a medical condition of themselves or an immediate family member, 100% of the Course fee will be applied to a future Course. If the Registrant transfers their Course registration to another Registrant, 100% of the fees are transferrable. The new Registrant is required to complete the on-line registration process and they will be required to agree to all course terms.

f.     Registrant does not notify or attend the Course, Registrant is responsible for full payment. 

Is my attendance documented? ››
Documenting Attendance As many of our courses are granted Continuing Education Units (CEUs), the Living In Place Institute will have a sign-in, sign-out form available at each class. This form will be administered by a member of the Living In Place Institute during the Seminar or Activity. For a Certification Seminar, the Registrant must be present for all sessions for the full time to qualify for the Certification. There will be no partial CEUs granted for these seminars.

How is my test documented? ››
Documenting Passing Examination All Seminars or Activity will have an examination either at the end of each day or at the end of the entire Seminar or Activity. Examinations will be not be administered remotely. A passing grade will be 75% or higher in the examination.

How do I know if I am certified? ››

If you attend the two day training, pass the test and meet any other applilcable requirements, you will be granted their Certificate of Certification at the end of the training. 

Who has access to customer records? ››
Access to Customer Records If a prior class attendee requests a record, they will have to submit information in writing to the Living In Place Institute that can be directly attributed to that individual, such as Association Certification or License information, date of class attendance, or other information that can be directly attributed to that individual. The records will be password protected to help prevent unauthorized access to the files. The only personnel who will have access to these records will be Living In Place Institute are authorized agents.

What if the Living In Place Institute postpones or cancels a course or seminar? ››

Once a Course has been postponed or canceled by the Living In Place Institute (LIPI), all attendees will be notified as soon as possible.  Using information that was gathered in the Course registration process, a member of Living In Place Institute will contact the Registrant through various means, including by phone, fax, text message, email message and/or postal mail. LIPI will need to receive an acknowledgement from the Registrant that they understand that the course has been postponed or canceled. LIPI will either fully credit the attendee for another Course or refund the registration fees. If the Registrant chooses to have another person attend the Course, the registration fee can be transferred with no penalty. If a pre-registration fee is required, the new Registrant will be responsible for the non-refundable fee. The new Registrant is required to complete the on-line registration.

Are there any guarantees? ››
Guaranteeing Customer Satisfaction The Living In Place Institute is a national leader in high-quality educational products and services for the health care industry. Our programs are guaranteed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of participants. If a registrant has attended one of our Seminars or events, or has purchased an audio product and do not receive the professional or business benefits described in our literature, or have some other professional complaint, they are to let us know in writing within seven days of the Activity or purchase and we will issue a credit to them or anyone in their facility that can be used toward another Seminar or audio program. All returned audio products and materials must be received in original condition before a replacement is issued.

Who keeps course and activity records? ››
All records of a Seminar or Activity will be maintained for a period of at least 7 years. This will include items such as:     Pre-Registration & Registration Materials     Contractual Agreements     Attendance Records     Examination Records     Certification Records     Records may either be stored as physical records or electronically with off-site storage (at a separate physical facility or through cloud-based storage).

What is the Professional Conduct & Requirements of Presenters? ››

To be in compliance with approval organizations, The Living In Place Institute Provider Organization requires the following Professional Conduct & Requirements from its Presenters: Presenter will inform the Living In Place Institute and disclose any proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service or material discussed during their presentation, and the source of any compensation prior to the start of their presentation. Presenter is compliant with copyright laws and has ownership or permission to use all materials used in conjunction with the presentation. Presenter will demonstrate high standards of professional conduct and not discriminate against learners on the basis of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability and/or socioeconomic or ethnic background.

What is the Anti-Discrimination Policy? ››
As the Living In Place Institute™, LLC is an education company that helps all individuals address the needs for accessibility and safety in a home environment, we strive to be an inclusive-oriented company, and does not discriminate against any individual. Training Language All the Seminars and Activities, as well as any printed or electronic materials will be presented in English. The Living In Place Institute will take reasonable efforts to make materials in other languages if necessary, based upon economic decisions.

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