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Aging in Place Was a Great Step
August 2020
By Louie Delaware and Erik Listou, Co-Founders Living In Place Institute
Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Living In Place Institute logoMany of us started with aging in place, designing for aging, design for accessibility, or universal design. Now professionals are moving forward and embracing Living In Place. More than just a new term, Living In Place is a positive new approach of improving all homes for all ages and all needs.
The core education that supports this new direction is called Certified Living In Place Professional™ (CLIPP™). This 16-hour course is designed for designers, builders, remodelers, contractors, manufacturers, home inspectors, medical professionals, and many others. The CLIPP class teaches us why we must take the next step to move forward, and the specifics of how to improve home designs so all individuals and their families can continue to comfortably Live In Place.
Does Your Business Focus on Aging in Place?

Seniors are a large market – about 60 million in the US today. But what about the other 270 million who are not seniors? Would you limit your business to just their needs? Would you answer your phone, “Hello, this is John with ABCD Design, Build & Home Modifications, If you are over age 65 press one, otherwise hang up”? Probably not. You can restrict your market to older ages, but you may be surprised how many of your clients, of all ages, need your help. Instead, why not answer your phone “Hello, this is Sharon with ABCD Design, Build & Home Modifications, how may we help you and your family.” Now your market is 330 million in the US alone and you are helping everyone of all ages.

Living In Place Answers the Big Questions

Living In Place graphicThe two biggest questions we hear are, “How do I know what designs are best for my clients,” and “How do I talk to my clients to guide them to make the best decisions”? CLIPP graduates learn and share with each other the latest in design concepts and installation techniques. They discuss in class which products improve quality of life and independence for everyone and how to expand their interprofessional teams.
CLIPP graduates also learn how to talk with their clients with respect & dignity. The class includes statistics help us learn from the past and why we must make changes towards this new direction. An entire class section, created by a team of well-known and respected medical experts, is devoted to understanding the medical and cognitive issues and challenges many of your clients face now or may in the future. Almost seven hours are devoted to in-depth discussions about product solutions and home wellness. The now-legendary Experiential Meal during class gives the experience of preparing and eating a meal with disabilities that many people, old and young, experience every day. Invaluable information and practical advice are presented for how to continue growing your business. If you would like to learn more about the agenda, click HERE.
Change is Here
Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple once said, “You need the kind of objectivity that makes you forget everything you’ve heard, clear the table, and do a factual study like a scientist would.” This vision of learning from the past and moving forward led us into an era of technology that changed the world forever and improved countless lives. The vision of the Living in Place Institute mirrors what helped guide Apple into greatness, learn from the past, accept change, and team with experts to make all homes, Safe – Comfortable – Accessible. Embracing these three simple, but profound, words now leads us into new era of home design that is poised to change the world forever and improve countless lives.
Center for Disease Control & PreventionLearning from the past guides us into the future. When we look at these disability numbers from this 2017 report from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), we begin to understand why our services are needed to help all ages, including those with disabililties, temporary and long term. In the CLIPP class, through learning these and other statistics, we begin to understand how important we are and the need to immediately change how we design, build and remodel homes now and into the future.

Your Next Step – Education and Teamwork
Many experts have discovered the secret to success…education and teamwork. Teams create better results. If we collectively keep our focus on improving the home itself, we are more likely to meet the needs of all ages and generations who follow.
Where do professionals go for quality education that guides them to learn more, grow their networks, and help all ages? They are learning, teaming, and growing together through the positive, more inclusive vision and direction of Living In Place. This simple but profound concept is to make all homes Safe – Healthy - Comfortable. In the CLIPP classes, you will learn not only how to create teams, but also how lighting design affects wellness in the home. You will learn what to look for when specifying appliances and plumbing fixtures. Other learning topics include how flooring color contrast can help prevent a fall, and what slip resistance means when specifying those floor options. Learn how to quickly and easily install assist/grab bars that will support up to 800 pounds without wall blocking, and so many more designs and product ideas that you will immediately apply to all your projects.
Join Your Fellow Professionals.

 Living In Place Institute monitor screen with class attendees
Become part of the broader team that improves every home for persons of all needs and ages. Step forward and embrace the new normal, Living In Place. Read these testimonials from graduates. Contact one of the official Ambassadors with your questions, or contact us directly.CLIPP class registration button
If you are ready now to join the Living In Place network of professionals, click HERE to register today. Most classes are Interactive-Virtual and held over a three-day period. At the end of the class you become an internationally recognized expert making all homes Safe – Healthy - Comfortable, for everyone.


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