Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist (HATS)

Hats professionals install designs and products. If you are a trade professional, you need to take these classes to become the number one choice of trades professionals for all consumers.

Plus you are invaluable and connected to Certified Living In Place Professionals (CLIPP) and Living In Place Associates (LIPA).

This course is a series of pre-recorded classes. Each class includes experts, just like yourself, on-screen telling you the information.

You sit in the comfort of your home or office and watch each class, take a short on-line quiz, then move on to the next class.

After you complete all classes, you are awarded the credential of Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist

You become part of an international team of experts, all working together to make all homes, Safe - Healthy - Comfortable.

Click on the picture to see a short video introducing HATS

Each class is about 20 - 60 minutes.
  1. ​Why All Homes Need to be Safe - Healthy - Comfortable
  2. Interprofessional Teams
  3. Medical Issues & Recommendations
  4. Home & Wellness Solutions (parts A - B - C)
  5. How to Sell Living In Place

The complete program is only US$299. Early-Bird registration now available for only US$199. Classes start late fall 2020.

After you graduate we will mail you a new custom HAT!

Living In Place Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are NOT satisfied with the program after Class #3, simply email us and we will refund your original registration fee.


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