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How do we go beyond Universal Design and Aging in Place?

Read these words from Dani Polidor, a Certified Living In Place Professional and Ambassador for Living In Place. This article is for all housing industry experts, kitchen designers, home builders, remodelers, and medical care providers including, occupational and physical therapists...Click on Dani's picture to read more.


The LivABLE Environment Conference is the first of its kind to support the trades. A gathering of like-minded industry leaders and influencers from across the country to explore new perspectives to improve practices around residential design.

What attendees can expect is to share, learn and grow. It will be 3 days filled with information, networking and inspiration—a giant meet-and-greet in a TED Talk format with multiple industry expert speaker sessions, a curated product expo and more. Attendees will receive access to the recorded sessions, so they can build their own resource library along with adding contacts to their database of suppliers.

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Living In Place
Helping an aging parent find the most comfortable living arrangements is something most of us will experience at some time.

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The Smart Bathroom
The bathroom is one of the last places in a home to go smart - perhaps because people are leary of an invitation into the most private room in their home. But with the pandemic and the new emphasis on health and wellness, people are now wanting and accepting a smart bathroom. In this article, we will explore a few of the ideas you, as a professional, need to know.

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The New Normal: DIVERSIFY!
Three Questions to Help Determine if You Should Diversify
Is your home inspection business like most businesses—single-focused? As the economy continually changes, will your business survive and will you be able to take care of your family? It’s important to explore why you may need to diversify your business and then consider some business ideas.
ASHI Reporter September 2020


Preparing for the Unexpected

This is the first of a series of periodic columns written by designers and contractors as to how their homes were not ready for a short- or long-term challenge that we all may face – personally, through family members or friends or with your clients. A fall, a car accident, a sports injury, a progressive disease – all of these can make activities of daily living very difficult. The home modifications that are usually needed are typically not substantial but can make a huge difference in one’s ability to live in place safely and comfortably when returning home from the hospital or rehab center. These authors are writing from first-hand experiences.

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Needs Our Help

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Evaluation of the Older Adult Home Modification Program

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires a contractor for the development and management of a team of qualified researchers to expand the ability of HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) to obtain high-quality, quick response research that will conduct an Evaluation of the Older Adult Home Modification Program. The government anticipates awarding a firm fixed price for this contract. Additional details are provided in the attached Performance Work Statement (PWS).


Article in Busiess of Home
JUly 2020

A new industry survey predicts...

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Multi-Generational Housing
July 16, 2020

Read from Jamie Gold about some of the history of the ADA. In the article is mention of Rosemarie Rosetti, CLIPP graduate and creator of the Universal Design Living Laboratory in Columbus, Ohio. Also interviewed was Mary Jo Peterson another CLIPP graduate.


Join Carrie Kelly as she interviews Jennifer Bertrand and Jonas Carnemark about "Design Solutions for Living in Place."


What iLivingInPlace? Listen to this podcast on Here to There - Redefining Home. / the official publication of NKBA ( and KBIS (KBIS com)
 Read this magazine, page 22 and page 49 
Join this growing movement of all homes safe - healthy - comfortable.


June 5, 2020 Podcast from CEPro Magazine titled, "Is it Time to Re-Visit the Aging in Place Market."
Listen to host Jason Knott, Cheif Content Officer for CEPro Magazine, as he interviews Louie Delaware of the Living In Place Institute, and Ryan Herd of Caregiver Smart Solutions.


The kitchen and bath industry is estimated at over $150 billion per year. Kitchen & Bath Design News recognizes those top 50 top innovators whose work, creative talents, business acumen, and professionalism are currently leading the way for the industry, and elevating the kitchen and bath trade.

In the three years since this recognition program was created, 21 Certified Living In Place Professionals (CLIPP) have been recognized, In 2019, over 1 in 5 of those recognized are CLIPP graduates, including the co-founders of the Living In Place Institute.
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"...Don't Mention Aging"
Business of Home Magazine
April 11, 2019


If you missed the June 22, 2019 all-day CEU event in Omaha, hosted by the NKBA Nebraska/Kansas Chapter, here is your opportunity to view the presentations by
LaDonna Eriksen and Erik Listou.
"Living In Place, the HOW-TO for Universal Design and Aging in Place"
"Lighting & Color for Living In Place"
"Creating Opportunities Through Better Communications and Body Language"

 A podcast about Living In Place
 from Home Health Occupational Therapy Explorer
Sept 2018
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"What does it mean to "Live in Place?
Sheri Gold and Louie Delaware
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"Thinking Smart"
Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine
Sept 2018
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"Dignity and Design"
Colorado Builder Magazine
Winter 2018
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 "Design for Living"
 Washington Post 
August 30, 2018
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(This article is being reprinted accross the country.


"Renovation Strategies to Live at Home.."
Wall Street Journal
August 23, 2018

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