Time to start planning for KBIS/IBS 2020
January in Las Vegas
. (average temperature 28º to 59º - average fun 100%)

A must-visit to start the new year is the 2nd annual Showcase for LIving In Place is located in the South Hall, Lower level room S114. Learn new information and guaranteed a few new experiences.

Become a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) - Before the show, Sunday and Monday, Jan 19-20, become a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) in this comprehensive and intense 2-day course. Then tour the show with a new understanding of how to make all homes accessible, comfortable and safe. Not just for your older clients, but in every home, for persons of all needs and ages. Learn more and register HERE. There are levels of discounts available and, as a KBIS 2020 special, you will receive a $100 rebate during the class (see all discount details HERE). There will also be a CLIPP class on the two days following the show, Friday and Saturday, Jan 24-25. If you are not attending KBIS there are many other class opportunities HERE.

Here are just a few of the opportunities to visit with us at the Showcase for Living In Place, a feature of KBIS. All events will fill quickly, so register soon. All events are free.

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Cocktails and Challenges - Joins us Tuesday 3:00 - 4:30 for an afternoon snack and cocktail, after you are assigned hand and vision challenges! Experience for a few minutes what life is like for some of your clients, family, and friends. This is a brief version of one of the class exercises you experience when you become a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP). This event may be late in the afternoon, but it is never too late to meet other professionals and experience what life is like every day for as many as 1 in 5 Americans. Drinks and light snacks are FREE, but attendance is limited and registration is required.

What-an-Experience Lunch - Wednesday 1-2 pm. Now you can learn what almost 600 graduates have experienced during their Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) education. Imagine, making a sandwich and a salad, then enjoying lunch, with severe hand issues and wearing special eyeglasses that simulate several eye issues that many of us experience every day. This is a fun exercise that quickly teaches and sobers you to know what life is like every day for many persons, young and old, with temporary or permanent issues. This really is a FREE LUNCH, but attendance is limited and registration is required.

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KBIS Show Floor Tours - Each day, free KBIS Show floor tours will visit booths and see products recognized by the Living In Place Institute. Each 90 minute Tour will be guided by a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) and will open your eyes to the possibilities and products you should include in all your projects. The Tours are free, but registration is required. Tours start at the Showcase for Living In Place and end at the Discovery District. Register now for Tuesday 1:30 - 3:00 / Wednesday 2:00 - 3:30 / Thursday 10:00 - 11:30

Roundtable Discussions - Join us and learn from some of the most recognized and respected professionals in the industry. Each informative session will each last about 30 minutes and will be hosted by some of the most recognizable and talented professionals in the industry. Registration NOT required but seating is limited. These are NOT CEU courses. Schedule below:

10:00  "Living In Place…The Solution - Not aging in place or universal design" Presented by Living In Place Institute co-founder, Erik Listou & Adam Gibson
10:30  "Bathroom Designs for Living In Place" - Presented by Natalia Pierce & Nancy Young
12:00  "Kitchen & Bath Designs for Living In Place" – Presented by Jennifer Bertrand.
2:00    "Living In Place is Relevant for Your Business" – Presented by Maria Stapperfenne
2:30    "How Smart Technology Helps Individuals Living In Place – Presented by Ryan Herd.
4:00    " Community Service Session – Understanding the Benefits of Working with Living In Place Veterans" – Presented by Jason Latona, Chief – Specially Adapted Housing, US Department of Veterans Affairs

9:30    Roundtable discussion - Presented by Karl Champley
10:00  "Living In Place…The Solution - Not aging in place or universal design" – Presented by Living In Place Institute co-founder, Erik Listou & Doug Lugar
11:00  "How the Living In Place Philosophy Helps My Clients & My Business" - Presented Toni Sabatino
12:00  "Kitchen Designs for Living In Place" – Presented Sheri Gold & Maria Stapperfenne.
2:30    "Aesthetic Bathroom Designs for Living In Place" – Presented by Julie Schuster
3:00   "Building a Forever Living In Place Home" – Presented by LaDonna Eriksen
4:00    Community Service Session

9:30   "Working with Living In Place Veterans Presented" – Peter & Geniene Haack with Jason Latona
10:30 "Ergonomic Kitchen Designs for Living In Place" – Presented Mary Fisher Knott

Please register directly with NKBA to attend these Voices From The Industry presentations:

Tuesday 10:30 N225 "Living In Place Kitchen Designs" Presented by Sheri Gold and Maria Stapperfenne
Tuesday 1:30 N226 "The HOW TO for Universal Design and Aging in Place" Presented by Louie Delaware and Erik Listou
Tuesday 3:00 N224 "Why Designers Need to Work With Medical Professionals" Presented by LaDonna Eriksen, Pamela Isetts and Judy Delaware
Wednesday 10:30 N229 "Living In Place - Taking Housing to a New Level" Presented by Dani Polidor
Wednesday 1:30 N225 "Ergonomics in the Kitchen & Bath" Presented by Mary Fisher Knott and Judy Delaware
Thursday 9:00 N226 Living In Place Designs for ALL Homes" Presented by Toni Sabatino, Jennifer Bertrand and Karl Champley

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