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Living in Place Institute Debuts HATS Certification for Integrators
Pro and Jason Knott, November 2020

"Living in Place Institute’s Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist (HATS) is on-demand certification for designing..." Click on the picture to read more.

News Update from the Living In Place Institute
Technology Designer, November 2020

"The Living in Place Institute announced the November 23rd release of their Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist™ (HATS™) program for all trade professionals. HATS is the first and only education program for trade professionals to make all homes safe, healthy, comfortable. It provides..." Click on the picture to read more!

Living In Place Institute Announces Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist Program
Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine, November 17, 2020

"The Living In Place Institute, the educational organization behind the Certified Living in Place Professional and Living In Place Associate programs, announces the release of the Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist (HATS) program. HATS is an education program for trades professionals to..." CLICK on the picture to read more.

The NKBA Manhattan Chapter recently held a "Beverages & Bewilderment?" event. It was completely virtual. At the start of the event, Living In Place Institute Co-Founder Erik Listou instructed everyone how to put on the special gloves and vision simulating glasses, provided by the sponsor Gringer & Sons. Then everyone, with their new temporary challenges, to open their favorite beverage and snacks. It was fun, but more importantly, helped everyone understand how changing abilities can affect us in our everyday lives. 

Read what Julie Schuster wrote to us after the event: 

"I am the current Chair of Programs for the NKBA Manhattan chapter, as well as being a CLIPP certified professional and interior designer. As such, I have the responsibility of creating programming during this pandemic that engages and educates our membership in an online format; a challenging proposition! As a CLIPP professional designer and Ambassador, I was familiar with the portion of our training when we all experienced creating a meal while dealing with the restrictions of vision and physical impairments that our training included.  So the opportunity to share that experience with our membership was one that I jumped on when it was proposed by Louie.  As expected, it was not only fun but enlightening as well.  I am so proud to have been the first chapter to present this through the NKBA.  I strongly recommend it for KBIS in the online format that you currently have planned, as well as in-person for going forward!

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss any questions or to clarify. 
Best Regards,
Julie Schuster, NKBA - IDS - IFSG
CLIPP - Certified Living In Place Professional and Ambassador

Red Ribbon Professional - International Feng Shui Guild

KBDN Top Innovators Award Winning Designer

If you would like to hold a similar event for your association, company or just for your friends, contact Louie@LivingInPlace.Institute or Erik@LivingInPlace.Institute.

The LivABLE Environment Conference was a tremendous success!

The LivABLE Environment Conference was a 3 day virtual  B2B trade event and the first of its kind! The focus was on the residential sector, supporting the importance of ageless living, accessibility, and wellness by encouraging developers, architects, designers, builders, and renovators to be innovative and think creatively about solutions that meet the needs of all building users.

The keynote speakers were, "The Unstoppable Tracy" and astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk. One of the featured speakers was Erik Listou, co-founder of the Living In Place Institute.


“Why System Integrators Should Partner with Home Design / Construction / Medical Professionals"
Doug Weinstein, Chris Vives, Jonas Carnemark, and Dr. Monique Chabot.

Free registration HERE then you can download the presentation HERE.


"Multigenerational Homes and Living In Place"
Click on Julie's photo to read this informative article from Julie Schuster, Ambassador for the Living In Place Institute.

At Julie Schuster Design Studio, the focus is on creating spaces that nurture and support the people that live in them, as well as being safe and accessible to everyone regardless of age or ability. Julie Schuster is the only interior designer that unites the distinctive combination of certifications in the highly-desired disciplines of interior design, feng shui, and Living-In-Place design.  She is also recognized as a “responsible renovator” from a sustainability perspective. Read more about Julie HERE

"Including the Essentials - Bathroom Design Decisions for Living In Place"
by Adam Gibson, CMKB, CLIPP, CAPS, President Adam Gibson Design

Subscribe and read KB&B Magaziner October 2020

Incorporating safety measures into home design used to suggestan institututional look. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Let's be clear. We are not only addressing aging in place. Living in Place incorporates elegant solutions and preventatives for everyone, sometimes including visitors. This could apply to... Click on the picture to read more!


How do we go beyond Universal Design and Aging in Place?

Read these words from Dani Polidor, a Certified Living In Place Professional and Ambassador for Living In Place. This article is for all housing industry experts, kitchen designers, home builders, remodelers, and medical care providers including, occupational and physical therapists...Click on Dani's picture to read more.


The LivABLE Environment Conference is the first of its kind to support the trades. A gathering of like-minded industry leaders and influencers from across the country to explore new perspectives to improve practices around residential design.

What attendees can expect is to share, learn and grow. It will be 3 days filled with information, networking and inspiration—a giant meet-and-greet in a TED Talk format with multiple industry expert speaker sessions, a curated product expo and more. Attendees will receive access to the recorded sessions, so they can build their own resource library along with adding contacts to their database of suppliers.

Click on the image to learn more.

Living In Place - Helping an aging parent find the most comfortable living arrangements is something most of us will experience at some time.

Read this article in Technology Designer Magazine

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The Smart Bathroom
The bathroom is one of the last places in a home to go smart - perhaps because people are leary of an invitation into the most private room in their home. But with the pandemic and the new emphasis on health and wellness, people are now wanting and accepting a smart bathroom. In this article, we will explore a few of the ideas you, as a professional, need to know.

CLICK HERE to read the article in Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine.


The New Normal: DIVERSIFY!
Three Questions to Help Determine if You Should Diversify

Is your home inspection business like most businesses—single-focused? As the economy continually changes, will your business survive and will you be able to take care of your family? It’s important to explore why you may need to diversify your business and then consider some business ideas.
ASHI Reporter September 2020


Preparing for the Unexpected

This is the first of a series of periodic columns written by designers and contractors as to how their homes were not ready for a short- or long-term challenge that we all may face – personally, through family members or friends or with your clients. A fall, a car accident, a sports injury, a progressive disease – all of these can make activities of daily living very difficult. The home modifications that are usually needed are typically not substantial but can make a huge difference in one’s ability to live in place safely and comfortably when returning home from the hospital or rehab center. These authors are writing from first-hand experiences.

Read more here News: 


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Needs Our Help

Click HERE to review the government solicitation
Evaluation of the Older Adult Home Modification Program

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires a contractor for the development and management of a team of qualified researchers to expand the ability of HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) to obtain high-quality, quick response research that will conduct an Evaluation of the Older Adult Home Modification Program. The government anticipates awarding a firm fixed price for this contract. Additional details are provided in the attached Performance Work Statement (PWS).


Article in Business of Home
JUly 2020

A new industry survey predicts...

Click on the picture to read more.


Multi-Generational Housing
July 16, 2020


Read from Jamie Gold about some of the history of the ADA.

In the article is mention of Rosemarie Rosetti, CLIPP graduate and creator of the Universal Design Living Laboratory in Columbus, Ohio. Also interviewed was Mary Jo Peterson another CLIPP graduate.


Join Carrie Kelly as she interviews Jennifer Bertrand and Jonas Carnemark about "Design Solutions for Living in Place."


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