All Living In Place Institute graduates of CLIPP, LIPA, and/or HATS hold their credentials for life.

Every year, each graduate can continue in the Active International Network of professionals who all share the same vision and benefits.

Network benefits include a new eManual, attend a free Refresher class, attend private interactive Forums - more info below, and more.

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On the left are the Teams that drive the Living In Place Institute -click the Teams document to download a copy.

Please review and decide which Team(s) you would like to connect with to share your knowledge.

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Click below to learn more about Living In Place Institute Forums:

Community Forums - This is a great meet-up if you love learning and networking with a community passionate about bringing the principles of Safety – Health – Comfort… for ALL homes.

Marketing Forums - These are for Living In Place Institute graduates only in the Active Network.

Learning from subject matter experts tips and examples of marketing success and how to make all homes to be Safe - Healthy - Comfortable, for all needs and ages.

These are private, invitation-only events for ONLY Graduates of the Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP) program and are in the Active Network. If you would like to attend, the first step is to become a Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP).

Please register for a CLIPP class, then you will automatically receive invitations to upcoming Marketing Forums and access to recordings of past Marketing Forums

The Living In Place Institute is truly an International Network.

We depend on the following professionals help continue the vision of the Living In Place Institute:

Ambassadors - These are all graduates who are available to help you join the Living In Place Institute and provide continual support and knowledge to the Living In Place Institute.

Education Partners - These companies have joined the Global Network in support of the Living In Place Institute. We encourage you to contact them and let them know you are also part of the Global Network.

Business Advisory Panel - These are the folks who provide invaluable business advice to the Living In Place Institute.

Medical Advisory Panel - These are the professionals who bring a whole world of knowledge and advice to the Living In Place Institute.

The Co-Founders of the Living In Place Institute.


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