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January 2021

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"Looking Forward to 2021"

Read these words of wisdom from Graduates of Living In Place Institute education programs:

 “We all have the power and wisdom to make quality-of-life decisions for 2021 and successive years to be awesome!” Steve Weaver, CLIPP #628

“It is a time for us to step up and be an integral part of building a viable environment between housing and healthcare to accelerate progress toward providing the tools to make homes safe, healthy and comfortable. Brian Isetts, CLIPP #502

This too shall pass! Our current situation is not our destination. Natalia Pierce, CLIPP #391
There is nothing more important in our Lifetime than the Home we share with ourselves, and others.  The home needs to be Nurturing, Loving, and Safe for all.” Barbara Barton, CLIPP #4
When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.Doug Lugar, CLIPP #300

…as the beacon of hope for better health, a better planet, better business, and application of all the hard lessons we have realized along the way. Here’s to fulfilling that reality and building better lives. Cheers! Toni Sabatino, CLIPP #141

I hope you come to know yourself better this year than you did last year.” Lisa Wood, CLIPP #515
It is time to work in harmony for the sake of each other and humanity! Let's educate everyone about enjoying a quality lifestyle environment which in turn will help everyone to be more positive and productive to then contribute more to society!Robert S. August, CLIPP #278
A time to reflect, time to commit to using both our words and our actions to change the unsafe to safe, the uneducated to educated, the unhealthy to healthy.” Pam Isetts,  CLIPP #491
My Dad always said that a day was not complete unless you learned something new. May 2021 be full of complete days.LaDonna Eriksen, CLIPP #189

"Joining the Living in Place Institute and becoming CLIPP Certified to create safe, comfortable, healthy spaces for everyone fosters equity, inclusion, equality and justice! And you will meet friends all over the world" Dani Polidor, CLIPP #488

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Celebrate accomplishments, but strive for more in 2021, make all homes safe, healthy, comfortable for everyone” Debra Sanders, CLIPP #470

"Whatever happened in 2020, be thankful for where and what it brought you. Where you are now is where you’re meant to be. 2021 – 1 Book – 12 Chapters – 365 Pages – Make It Perfect!​" Louie Delaware, CLIPP #1

This is my 70th New Year and every year is better than the one before, I look forward to 2021!Erik Listou CLIPP #2


Start your New Year with Education
Certified Living in Place Professional
Professionals who are responsible for the overall design, management, and major elements of projects.

Now there are two ways to become
CLIPP certified!

1. Register for a new Hybrid class. This is a combination of two live (Zoom) sessions and eight pre-recorded sessions. You start with Session #1 as a 2-hour live (Zoom) then you take the next eight pre-recorded sessions anytime you want, then you attend the final Session #10 as a live (Zoom) class. Registration links coming soon!


2. Register for a live virtual (Zoom) class listed below.

Click on your date to Register Today for a live (Zoom) class!

January 12-13-14, 2021
Time: 11:00-5:00 ET three consecutive days (Registration closes 1/8 and includes a full-color E-Manual and full instructions to create your own Experiential Meal Kit. If you are purchasing a hard-copy B/W manual and/or a pre-made Experiential Meal Kit, registration closes January 4th for Continental U.S. mailing addresses)

January 26-27-28, 2021
Time: 1:00-7:00 ET three consecutive days (Registration closes 1/22 and includes a full-color E-Manual and full instructions to create your own Experiential Meal Kit. If you are purchasing a hard-copy B/W manual and/or a pre-made Experiential Meal Kit, registration closes January 18th for Continental U.S. mailing addresses)


Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist(HATS) Tradespersons who install designs and products, click on their CAPS to register.

Click HERE for a 2-minute video.

Living In Place Associates(LIPA) Professionals who create & supply products, and support services. Classes resume in March.


All Living In Place education is Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Do you want more business?

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Is your phone ringing?

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6. Click on Save My Information.
This is how homeowners find you, but you have to be a Living In Place Institute graduate!

Have you seen one of these?

Every month you can join these Community Forums to listen, learn, and ask questions.
Register today, attendance is limited. Simply click on a date below to register.

January 12, 4-5 pm ET
"Kitchen & Bath Hardware" and "Leading Up to the KBIS Show - Including FREE SHOW PASSES

January 28, 10-11 am ET
​"Kitchen & Bath Hardware" and "Leading Up to the KBIS Show - Including FREE SHOW PASSES

 Where in the world do Living In Place Institute Network Professionals live?

Join the Living In Place Worldwide Network

When you earn a credential from the Living In Place Institute, you will always be a professional working to improve homes and lives for everyone.
You become a part of the Worldwide Network…for Life!.

Watch for a GLOBAL announcement in February!

KBIS 2021 – Feb 9-12
Coming to a screen near you!  FREE

Because KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) supports the Living in Place Institute Network of industry professionals, we have partnered with KBIS 2021 are pleased to offer FREE VIRTUAL SHOW REGISTRATION
Join us for a new digital experience. Over four days of product discovery, insightful programming & professional networking
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Must see at KBIS

Back by popular demand, the Showcase for Living In Place will be offering many events that are definite “must-sees” for KBIS 2021.

Live-Zoom 15-20 minute presentations followed immediately by a 15-20 minute live Q/A with participants and presenters.

Presentations and Roundtables - No cost to register

More details and speakers listed HERE
- What is the Living In Place Institute
- Selling Projects Without Using the A (Aging) Word0
- Important Bathroom Features
- One Kitchen for Multiple Generations
- Networking with All Professionals
- Kitchen Appliance Essentials
- Using Colors for Living In Place
- Helping Veterans While You Make Money
- Skills for Gooder Communication
- Home Monitoring Systems For Mom & Dad… Without Cameras!
- How Smart is Your Home
- Designing a Forever Living In Place Home
- Kitchen & Bath Ergonomics From An Occupational Therapist and Designer Perspective
Virtual Tours
30-minute virtual walk-through of key Show Booths and Exhibits.

Space is limited, register early! All times listed are Eastern Time. Click to register. No cost.

More details and speakers listed HERE
- Tuesday 1:30 - Including stops at Blum, TOTO, Rev-A-Shelf, Control4, Viega
- Wednesday 10:30 - Including stops at Tresco, MONOGRAM, QuickDrain, Seachrome
- Thursday 1:30 - Including stops at TOTO, Blum, MONOGRAM, Rev-A-Shelf, QuickDrain
- Friday 10:30 - including stops at Control4, Caregiver Smart Solutions, Blum, Rev-A-Shelf

Louie’s Favorite Kitchen & Bath Products -
A series of short videos of kitchen and bath products recommended by Louie Delaware, Co-Founder of the Living In Place Institute.

Click to view starting February 9th


Erik’s Top 10 Living In Place Ideas -
A 15-minute pre-recorded video of products and features recommended by Erik Listou, Co-Founder of the Living In Place Institute.

Click to view starting February 9th

Beverages & Bewilderment
Enjoy your favorite beverage and snack in the comfort of your home or office, with simulated severe hand and vision challenges.
Thursday at 6:15. Sponsored by Blum, space is limited, register early.

Click the picture to register

We look forward to 2021 and helping all professionals learn from each other to make all homes Safe – Healthy – Comfortable!

Erik Listou and Louie Delaware



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