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Barbara BartonBarbara Barton, CLIPP, CMKBD, CAPS

Barbara Barton & Associates

Barbara B has over 35 years of experience in the Kitchen and Bath Industry, having worked for several Kitchen/Bath dealerships, managing a Bathroom Showroom for five years, and then 15 years in the Appliance industry.  Since the year 2000, Barbara has grown her own Independent Designer business in the remodeling area and focusing on the Boomer target market.  She became the fourth person nationally to receive the new Certification of Living in Place Professional (CLIPP) training in 2015.  Attending many CLIPP programs and serving on the Living In Place Institute Advisory Board since its inception has broadened her scope, experience, and impact in the housing industry. Her interest and desire to continue with her specialties that impact so many clients was fueled as the first Designer in Colorado to earn the Certified Aging in Place Specialist designation in 1992 and receiving a local First Place award for a Universal Design Bathroom in 2015, and inspired her to continue with her advanced education to become CLIPP certified.
Thru her CLIPP training, collaborations with Occupational Therapists, Interior Designers, Contractors, Home Inspectors, and Real Estate professionals, Barbara has broadened her resources and knowledge affecting our Kitchen and Bath Industry. She is inspiring in her desire and actions that serve our profession as well as meet the needs of all homeowners.
“Being a Boomer myself and having friends who have had temporary disabilities, knowing the specific details of products for a Bathroom remodel has been so helpful for all!
“The expansive decorative grabs bars, especially with usable textures and do not look institutional, and knowing how to plan the dimensions/heights/angles for each individual homeowner, has been huge.  Showers with the pricing-variety offerings in curbless, the variety of drains, along with the newest personal showers complete with Pause Controls for use when seated, has expanded the options!“

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