CLIPP Testimonials

Our Graduates commend our efforts

Testimonials from Living In Place Institute Graduates

Doug Lugar, CKBD, CLIPP #C00300 - Nicholson Builders, Columbus, Ohio.

"I just received verbal confirmation of a 2nd project over $150k that I will start design and estimating that includes many CLIPP elements. The client said she interviewed 5 other companies and decided we were the one to go with because of the CLIPP training."

Karen Watt, CLIPP #C0783.

“I thought it worked so well. I had not participated in a virtual class before, and I was surprised how interactive we were.” 

Dondi Szombatfalvy, CLIPP #C00527.

“This was my first virtual class. I had a positive experience.”

Adam Gibson, CMKBD, CLIPP #C00494.

“This is a wonderful medium. I had never done one like this. Love the interactivity!”

Vanessa Helmik, CLIPP #C00681.

"Benefits of CLIPP - Safety. The class gave me hope that as the mother of a special needs child, CLIPP graduates will give normalcy, dignity and respect to the future generations so I don't have to see my daughter or anyone segregated and often insulted.

Zach LaRue, CLIPP #C00708 - Beyond the Box Cabinets, Billings, Montana.

"The three most important points I learned are 1. How to handle the customer 2. What to look for in a home. Don’t have blinders on 3. Always look for a better way of doing something."

Jamie Colbert, Occupational Therapist, CLIPP #C00707, Omaha, Nebraska.

"I have done similar things to this when I was in OT school and this was the best one, I experienced by far. I gained a lot from it and I think the group did as well by going through it together. CLIPP is what we and this world have needed for a long time! 🙂 Thank you, thank you for everything! I honestly believe that you in three days made a big impact in my career as an OT and the start of my business which I have been working on developing/growing this year." 

Andrew Miller, CLIPP #C00701 - Director at QNorthwest.

"A well-presented, complete understanding and picture of the LIP concept... from philosophical to execution to business to relationship. This is a lifetime of knowledge and experience captured in one course, providing clear direction to help people live safer, more comfortably, and accessibly at home. The LIPI Vision Statement is beautifully conceived and captures what we are all trying to do... gives great reference point to work from. I also learned about some really amazing products. Lastly, the significance of being connected to LIP was highlighted... the knowledge gained in 3 days would have taken years to organically generate."

Maria Stapperfenne, CMKBD, CLIPP #C00027, 2015 NKBA President - Tewksbury Kitchens & Baths, North Plainfield, New Jersey.

“A real game-changer. Honestly, I don't know how someone in my profession can do what we do without the knowledge that this class imparted.”

Mary Jo Peterson, CMKBD, CLIPP #C00020, CAPS - MJP Designs.

“Living In Place is a practical and vital approach whose time has come. It addresses the intent of Universal Design in a positive and proactive program, responsive to the ever-changing human condition and the needs of today's business environment.” 

Gunnar Baldwin, CLIPP #C00005- NKBA Hall of Fame - TOTO USA.

“This is the best meeting I have ever been to in terms of being educated. My support for the Living In Place Institute will grow even greater as my enthusiasm has increased being here.”

Jan Neiges, CKD, CLIPP #C00006 – Member NKBA Board of Directors.

“What I found with CLIPP is the added expertise that I can bring to my clients. The momentum and the Living In Place Institute concept is what I see as value, because I am bringing another entity in the relationship with my client”

Barbara Barton, CMKBD, CLIPP #C00004 - Barbara Barton & Associates.

“This training will help me deepen my understanding of the entire home and those persons in need, and help me to share this growing trend within my community… There is a huge need for skilled and caring professionals to be trained and to go out and do work with passion. I think this CLIPP training is all of that and I would highly endorse it for you and your employees.” 

Nathan Colburn – CLIPP #C00016, Principle, Accessible Systems

Nathan Colburn, Principle, Accessible Systems “The amount of timely information and has renewed and re-energized to my profession. The possibilities of networking and collaborating with other professionals is exciting! Never knew there was so much info that could make such a difference to my clients.”

Mary Fisher Knott, ASID, CLIPP - Mary Fisher Designs.

“Having been a designer working in kitchen and bath design emphasizing ergonomic applications for over 50 years, I am excited to share the passion of the Living In Place Institute though the CLIPP program, which provides qualified, certified professionals to people desiring to make their homes’ accessible, comfortable and safe.”

Susan Septer, ASID, CLIPP #C00065- Susan Septer Design.

“This course increases awareness of topics for all age ranges and circumstances. It is an enjoyable course and has a great deal of information. Good opportunity to learn from instructors with varied backgrounds as well as peers in the class. Thank You!!”

Bill Livingston, CKD, CLIPP #C000071

“There is a lot of valuable information to be taken away from this course. There are many additional business opportunities CLIPP can help create. This class is a game-changer for helping our clients stay in their homes as long as possible.”

Lane Tharp, CLIPP #C00084.

“I enjoyed the course and found it highly informative. It was worthwhile and a good value.”

Dawn Deluca, AKBD, CLIPP #C00083 - Dawn Deluca On Design.

“Take the course!!! Your increased knowledge base will be the steppingstone to a brand-new avenue of business that will only work to further your career and provide invaluable information that will help you help your clients live safely and comfortably in their homes.”

Matthew Rao, CKD, CLIPP #C00097.

“How to think about comfort not aging. Be open to more than you know about what successful design is. The course gives you many ways to incorporate the concepts presented.”

Jeannine Burnett, CLIPP #C00103.

“The ‘sell yourself’ section is a perfect step-by-step process to success. The suggestions for products and how to find them is extremely useful. The HASAC tool is going to take my initial home visits to a new level of excellence. It is a wonderful addition to enhance your design services. They give so much support – Great info! They are ethical and professional without being stuffy.”

Elle H-Millard, AKBD, NKBA, CLIPP #C00111.

“Designers are meant to be faced with challenges. It is our job to make those challenges functional and be stunning. The course is professionally developed and evolves with great ideas and recommendations. It is extremely valuable and worth the time spent. True experts willing to listen with patience. Commands the audience with empathy for our success.”

Renan Pierre, AIA, CLIPP #C00116.

“This was a great seminar. My highest recommendation!”

Andrew McKenzie, CLIPP #C00111- Delta Faucets.

“I found the “How to sell your CLIPP Designation” to be valuable.”

Tess Giuliani, CLIPP #C00117.

“Better living starts with great common sense as taught by the CLIPP course. The three “I’s” = Important, Inspiring, Interesting.”

Rosemarie Rossetti, CLIPP #C00126 - Founder of the Universal Design Living Laboratory.

“The manual is a rich resource to remind me of the information presented. There are many products on the market to recommend. Erik is a wealth of knowledge with the appropriate experience as a contractor to teach this. If you are in the home design and/or building industry and want to enhance your knowledge about accessibility and universal design, look into taking this course.”

Dr. Monique Chabot, OTR/L, CLIPP #130, CAPS - Professor of Occupational Therapy, Philadelphia University.

“I really liked the respect for interprofessional teamwork and the OT in general (it is rare!). I learned about design features and ideas I never heard/thought of.”

Toni Sabatino, CKD, CLIPP #C00141, Chapter President – NKBA Manhattan.

“Valuable information that leads to new design thinking, added value for clients, comprehensive marketing segment. Thought provoking, insightful, engaging program. This course provides additional value to my clients.”

Julie Schuster, NKBA, IDS, IFSG, CLIPP #00144

“I strongly recommend CLIPP to every design professional. An amazing way to include safety into design.”

Rhonda Patrick, CLIPP #C00162.

“CLIPP is practical information. You will learn from your peers at the class with ongoing support from them.”

Roshele Allison, CLIPP #C00156.

“Worth Every Penny! I learned so much. It changed how I look at design/projects. You think you know everything, but you don’t. It expanded my viewpoint and made me grow as a person and designer. I feel more confident in what I can do for my clients… and family.”

Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, CLIPP #C00159.

“Helps me with my target market and competing with other kitchen designers. CLIPP is a MUST! Become the Expert and grow your business.”

Molly McCabe, AKBD, CGP, CLIPP #158, CAPS.

“Glad I took the course. It separates you from the herd.”

Amy Shayne, CLIPP #C00161.

“Eye-opening and informative. All “Home Modification Professionals” need to know the CLIPP certification can enhance your ability to provide exemplary customer service.”

Sheri Gold, CKD, CLIPP #C00172.

“It will completely flip how you think about aging in place to Living In Place. The network you have access to now makes you so much more of a resource. The knowledge of the materials, binder, and we get access to logos, presentations, etc. It is so impressive!”