Aging in Place Training Programs

At the Living in Place Institute, we are committed to educating professionals on how to make all homes accessible, healthy and safe, creating beautiful and connected environments to give everyone independence and dignity for their clients, regardless of age or need. We train professionals to collaborate with each other to create a cohesive design that works well for those who wish to age in place.

With our aging in place specialist programs, you can get the training you need to make life better for people who are growing older but don’t want to move from their homes.

Classes for Every Professional

At Living in Place Institute, we are committed to improving the lives of people as they grow older, as well as improving the businesses of those who work with this demographic. We provide three different courses designed to cover each discipline a professional might need.

Our Certified Living in Place Specialist™ (CLIPP™) class was created for home designers and builders, as well as medical providers. Anyone building or remodeling their home into an age-friendly building need to contact these professionals for help with the design and building.

The Living in Place Associate™ (LIPA™) class is geared more toward product sales and support services. We’ll teach you what you need to know about accessibility, design solutions, and sales for living in place.

Our Home & Accessibility Trade Specialist™ (HATS™) class focuses more on aspects that the contractors and technicians need to know. It’s a shorter course that doesn’t go into as much detail about the specific products but focuses more on why the work and collaboration are important and necessary.

No matter which course is best for you and your career, you can enjoy the on-demand classes and the subsequent Living In Place Institute credential you will earn.

To learn more about our career-boosting aging in place training programs, contact us.