LIPI History

An ambitious growth journey

The Living In Place Institute was founded in 2013 when Louie Delaware asked Erik Listou to join him writing a book on home safety for seniors. As a nationally certified master child-safety expert, Louie had already worked in over 1,500 homes (eventually he was in over 3,800 homes), published a book on home child safety, and planned a series of age-focused home safety books.

To learn more about preparing homes for seniors, Louie attended an aging in place class taught by Erik, a nationally established and respected housing industry practitioner, educator, and spokesperson.

Their work on a book for seniors quickly led to understanding that a more effective approach would be to educate and network the entire housing and all related industries, including medical care, to improve every home, for all ages. This approach, as simple as the concept was, has sparked a fundamental positive shift in the evolution of home design and product development.
The Living In Place Institute has rapidly become the leading awareness and education provider for all housing and related medical professionals who desire to take action focused on the vision of improving lives for everyone. By not segmenting the industry by age and respecting all abilities, practical solutions for the needs of all people can literally be built into every home.