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From the Blum website: "Blum name stands for quality, innovation and great customer service. We manufacture hardware that makes working in the kitchen easier. Each of our products has been designed carefully, with the customer experience in mind, and research to back them. We specialize in engineering and manufacturing concealed hinges, drawer systems and systems for lift-up doors. From our touch-to-open technology, to the soft-closing door or drawer, our hardware helps modernize the kitchen experience."

We are pleased that Blum has now become an official Education Partner of the Living In Place Institute. Contact them today and thank them for supporting the Living In Place Institute!

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Lead story - "Advanced Education for the Housing Industry - The Hybrid"

Like everything else, education changes. Not just in content, but also in delivery. Our traditional school systems are being challenged and there is much discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of virtual learning. We might imagine similar discussions in the past around change such as, "Why use books instead of just handing down the old stories" or "Why use a computer when we already have a set of encyclopedias?"

After many years of delving into the world of traditional classrooms, books, and virtual learning, and with the help of many subject matter experts and computer geniuses, we have created a new concept in the evolution of professional education. We have combined the benefits of live-interactive virtual with pre-recorded classes to create, Hybrid education. 

According to Wikipedia, "...a hybrid is the offspring resulting from combining the qualities of different types of species or genre." Merriam-Webster defines hybrid as, "having or produced by a combination of two or more distinct elements." So now, in 2021, the Living In Place Institute has combined traditional types of learning, including real-life examples (storytelling), plus book learning, added in a big dose of technology (computers), mixed in the latest information, and created a new form of education we simply call, "The Hybrid".

The Living In Place Institute is now pleased to announce the widely-anticipated launch of this advanced education programming and content. By combining the distinctly different qualities and methods of education with the first-hand, current knowledge and experiences of designing, building, manufacturing, medical, and other related experts, the housing industry is now poised to rapidly move forward the vision of All Homes Safe - Healthy - Comfortable.

Keep reading to learn more about this new blend of learning, and welcome to the world of Living In Place.

       The foundation - The PILLARS of the INDUSTRY

What are the pillars? The housing industry is naturally divided into three main groups, or what we call, the three Pillars of the Industry. No one pillar is more important than the other, yet without all three, there is no finished product, a home for persons of all current and future needs and ages. Together the three Pillars form the foundation of the Living In Place Institute.

Each Pillar has its own education program, consistent in overall content and messaging, but unique in participants and delivery. Each Pillar supports its own credential, combining design, product, and relevant business skills. Each Pillar has its own unique delivery system that helps accommodate busy schedules and budgets. The three Pillars are changing the world, one home at a time.

The Living In Place Institute has created education to continually reinforce and cross-support the Pillars to create positive caring solutions by selling ideas and products. (read about Teams below) 

Now comes - The NETWORK

Now comes The Living In Place Institute Network. A rapidly growing collaboration of connecting with other like-minded professionals, finding valuable information, and sharing new ideas. This global Network joins, for the first time in history, our past knowledge with new innovations in a unique and modern process. Bringing together experts from around the world has accelerated the impact and potential of our homes improving life for everyone, plus creating business opportunities that were unknown in the past.

NOW - Let's really shake things up!

In the past, following tradition, credentials have always been a symbol of professional achievement in education - and they still are. Credentials will always be identifiers of the experts in their fields who "network" in "teams" to reach a specified level of knowledge and commitment. Those who have attained a credential are proud of their personal and professional accomplishment of attaining a high level of knowledge and competency. They understand how the honest marketing value of a credential brings peace and comfort to all of their customers/clients/patients. But, there has always been one major drawback to credentials. Time runs out and credentials expire

As time continues to move at its own never-changing-pace, if you forget to renew your credential, you are out of the "club". Somehow you were expected to no longer use the information you learned, or at least not use your credential as your "badge" of achievement.

Now we are really rockin' and rolllin' - keep reading to learn more...

What...Lifetime Credentials?

Introducing a new concept in education, lifetime credentials.

Wait, did we say lifetime? Yes, you heard correctly.

When you earn any Living In Place Institute credential, you keep your credential for life.

You will always use your learned knowledge to improve homes and lives.

Not only does your credential help you and your business now and for years to come, so too your designs, products, services, and work practices best serve those you help - and their family, friends, and visitors - forever.

Creating Network Teams

The Living In Place Institute relies on individual teams that together create a group representing a wide variety of backgrounds, knowledge, and intention.

These Teams guide the growth and services available to all Living In Place professionals - design, construction, supply, support, and medical - in the housing and related industries.

Where would you like to fit in?


Putting it all together...

The Living In Place Institute has built more than just education for each of the three Pillars. Through the global Network and diligence of the Network Teams, credentialed graduates are working together to support and advance the Living In Place Institute. But more importantly, they guide the growth and services now available to all professionals - design, construction, supply, support, medical, and many others within and connected to the housing industry.

Throughout the process, and ultimately for the good of your respective customers, life is better for everyone.

Here is the recipe for Living In Place*

- Start with a few cups of Education.
- Now add skills from each of the Pillars of the Industry.
- Blend together through a global Network of knowledge.
- Roll it out into Teams.
- Garnish with a Credential.
- Serve it plain or fancy to everyone.

*No expiration date
*All ingredients natural and organic 

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The largest multidisciplinary conference on aging in the United States.

The Living In Place Institute will be presenting virtually on April 15th at the Annual Conference of the American Society on Aging.
The topic, "Designing for the Future: COVID-19 and Reimaging Senior Housing to Increase Quality of Life," has been accepted for presentation and will be presented on April 15.

Presenters include:

  • Moderator: Bill Strang, President of Corporate Strategy, eCommerce, and Customer Experience, TOTO USA, INC.
    • "Aging in Place: Enabling the Bathroom through Inclusive Design"
  • Jon Pynoos, Ph.D., Professor of Gerontology,  UPS Foundation Chair in Gerontology, Policy, and Planning, University of Southern California
    • "Breaking Barriers to Aging in Place by Promoting Home Modifications"
  • Sandra Hodge, Principal, Director of Interior Design, JSA Architects, Inc.
    • "Designing COVID-Safe Communities: Setting New Standards in Senior Living"
  • Erik Listou, Co-Founder, Living in Place Institute
    • "Designing for Now and the Future: All Homes Safe,  Healthy, and Comfortable"
More information and registration HERE


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Erik Listou and Louie Delaware
Co-Founders of the Living In Place Institute


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