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Monika Lukasiewicz

Monika (pronounced Mo-nee-ka) is a bit old soul and a bit old school which is why she is currently inspired to write in an era of YouTube videos. She was fascinated with writing at an early age so made her first entrepreneurial income making greeting cards (by age 10).

Now she uses her skills as a Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP) and Occupational Therapist OTR/L as a home health therapist, writer, consultant and podcaster in Phoenix, AZ. Her experiences include a B.S. in Rehabilitation Studies (2008) and a Master of Occupational Therapy (2009) from College of Saint Mary. She has also studied Life Management via the Lifestyle Redesign principles from the University of Southern California, OT Coaching via Jen Gash and motivational interviewing among other topics as a registered and licensed occupational therapist. 

She brings a unique team contribution with these other experiences: She has co-planned, co-designed, co-built and shortly lived in a tiny home in Eugene and Portland, OR (2015-2018). 

She has served more than 4,000 clients including their caregivers in approximately 2,000 homes addressing goals of safety, comfort and health while working as an occupational therapist. Barriers addressed included budget, home environment, physical, mental and/or emotional challenges.

She has creatively solved challenges involving but not limited to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), dementia, hip/knee/shoulder replacements, fractures, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), cancer, foot/leg amputations, diabetes, CVA/stroke, UTIs, frequent falls, low vision, hardness of hearing, heart disease/congestive heart failure, chronic and acute pain, mild cognitive impairments, relocating into a new family home or facility. She has helped individuals of a variety of ethnicities, income and education levels, and sexual orientations. She has experience collaborating with caregivers and other medical disciplines including primary care physicians, specialists including surgeons, and also nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, home health aides and social workers, as well as interpreters to provide equitable care across language barriers.

Monika has creatively solved challenges towards gaining more safety, comfort or health with getting to/on/off the toilet, completing hygiene after toileting, showering/bathing, getting dressed or undressed, making meals, taking medications, getting back to hobbies, taking care of skin to prevent it from breaking down, overall home safety, increasing caregiver safety and preventing burnout. 

She is currently exploring new ways to live and serve in the world with diversity and equitable systems, new Covid era hobbies, and new ways to be with people she adores amidst our new world. She is most inspired by time in nature, with human gems, and practical spirituality. She lives in Phoenix, AZ. You can reach her via LinkedIn or at hello@tillandwater.com

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