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Robert is founder and president of North Star Synergies, Inc., a full-service executive development strategy firm specializing in creating strategies to promote and sell products and services throughout the United States.  He created the Denver-based international firm in April 2011.  Robert and his teams have helped merchandise more than $20 billion of residential, resort, retail, recreational, commercial, institutional, industrial and governmental real estate as well as other business products and services.
In 1982, he was recognized by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) as the “National Marketing Director of the Year".  Robert’s biggest honor is The William “Bill” Molster Award which is awarded to the most outstanding sales and marketing professional in the nation by the nation’s leading building trade association of 150,000 plus companies, the NAHB.  Robert is the only person to receive this award twice (1996 and 2002). The “2011 Trina Ripley Excellence in Education Award” was presented to Robert for outstanding lifetime achievement in educating new home sales and marketing professionals. Robert's most recent awards include the 2014 Master Certified Sales Professional of the Year Award, as well as the 2014 leading membership and retention recruiter for the NAHB.
Among Robert's other honors have been "Economic Developer of the Year" (1979), "Marketeer of the Year" (1981) by the Metro North Chamber of Commerce in Denver, the “President’s Award” (2002) from the Colorado Association of Home Builders, and recognition by the International Real Estate Trade Organization for his contribution and devotion to the real estate industry (2005).  Robert helped establish the Adams County Economic Council and founded both the Douglas County Economic Development Council and the Teller County Economic Development Council.  He was honored for his work in founding the Sales and Marketing Council of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Colorado Springs, which was named the "Best New SMC" in the nation for 1983.
He is a nationally recognized leader in membership recruitment and retention, advertisement, and sponsorship sales for the NAHB totaling more than $60 million in sales.  Today, Robert ranks as the number three all-time membership recruiter among millions, with 2,670 spike credits.  He was recently acknowledged as the 2014 Spike of the Year among 16,000 recruiters.
Robert is a past member of the National Association of Real Estate Editors.  He is a regularly published contributor to Builder-Architect Magazine, the NAHB's NSMC Sales & Marketing Ideas, and has co-authored the book Marketing for Remodelers: Building Business Leads.

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